Raymond Davey, Founder

Raymond DaveyWhen my grandfather died in 1980, I was a young lad; and like most young lads at that time I had no real interest or appreciation of my family history. It was not until 35 years later, when I started researching my family tree, that I realized how little I knew about my grandfather’s life.

As I had left the UK when I was 5 years old, I had not been around for the last 10 years of my grandfather’s life. Sadly, I had not been able to share time with him to listen to his stories, hear him sing (he had an amazing voice), or find out about his dreams and aspirations. While he had earned several medals in WWII, my grandfather’s military history has drawn a complete blank. My grandmother would have been the only other person that could have helped fill in the blanks. Unfortunately she is now suffering from late stage dementia and unable to remember anything from the past. Sadly I have left it too late to ask.

After talking to friends, acquaintances and other family members, I found it to be a common theme. We all have grandparents we know very little about, parents who have amazing stories – but nothing is ever recorded, and we all know people who have had life limiting illnesses and were taken before their children had grown into adults. There are so many stories and dreams that are lost. The wisdom and knowledge of older generations are not being passed down around the table or beside the fireplace like they used to be.

I wondered why more people don’t write their family histories. It turns out it is not for lack of trying!

Often people don’t know what to write about, or have trouble recalling important events – or they simply don’t have the time to complete the task. I discovered first-hand how difficult it can be to prepare and format a family history or memoir for publishing. After looking at all the available solutions, I realized that there isn’t actually any good solutions online, and that maybe I should use my software skills to create a comprehensive and professional autobiography/memoir solution.

StoriesKept has been created from this need. I wanted to create a simple system where family members could record their amazing stories. They could write as little or as much as they wished, and they could do it in their own time and on their own terms. By curating an extensive list of deep and meaningful questions, and by including extensive publishing options and an online application, I believe that I have created a solution that will ensure your memories and dreams are treasured for many years to come.

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